Uptime isn't only about building trucks that stay on the road. It's about building trucks that drivers want to drive.

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Denny Mooney

Senior Vice President of Global Product Development

“DriverFirst is all about making our trucks the trucks drivers ‘want’ to drive. It’s reliability, placement of controls, comfort, ease of use, and a great quiet ride that’s fun to drive.”


Steve Gilligan

Vice President, Product Marketing

“DriverFirst is our constant reminder to focus on identifying and improving upon the product attributes that matter most to our customers.”


Sandeep Premkumar

Senior Technical Specialist

Ergonomics and Driver Accommodation

“ DriverFirst是通过将卡车安装到驾驶员身上来提高生产率,效率和舒适性。这就是我们所说的以用户为中心的产品开发方法。我们设计了驾驶员想要188bet官网APP通过更好地了解不同类型的驾驶员的卡车,他们的功能和偏好。”


Chris Ito

Director, Industrial Design

“DriverFirst is being proactive and innovative to address the changing requirements of our marketplace and to consistently provide our customers with the best product solutions to address uptime, safety and driver retention.”


We're Listening To Driver Feedback

To build trucks with drivers in mind, we have to first understand what’s on their minds.
Here are just a few things we’ve heard from recent driver clinics.

And Putting Ideas Into Action

Enhancing Safety
First and foremost, a truck has to be safe to operate and trusted to perform. That’s why we’re delivering features and innovations that make driver safety a top priority.
  • Increasing safety with RollTek seats
  • First to market with Bendix® Wingman® Fusion™ collision mitigation
  • Improving forward visibility
  • Enhancing visibility with LED headlights
Improving Comfort

If you’re not comfortable in the truck, you’re not comfortable on the road. So we’ve put a strong focus on ergonomics and features that support a driver’s needs and wants.

  • Low noise vibration and harshness with the N13 engine
  • Industry-leading ride
  • Studying physical needs of drivers

Optimizing Productivity

Raising performance on the job means finding ways to improve the job with technologies and ideas that save time and money while increasing productivity.

  • Industry-leading remote diagnostics with OnCommand™ Connection
  • First to market with over-the-air programming
  • Improving serviceability
Creating Efficiency
From improving fuel economy to designing more intuitive displays, we’re engineering ways to generate efficiencies in both vehicle and driver performance.
  • Class-leading aerodynamics with ProStar®
  • Predictive cruise control
  • Evaluating drivetrain technologies